models wanted for june 19. and 20. at the murder mile studio, london, UK

From 19th to 20th of June we offer the unique opportunity for handpicked models to work with us at the Murder Mile Studio in London on a tfp basis and get their picture taken by two photographers who are as different as it gets.


Marco Ribbe (36) is a renowned german photographer and designer for alternative and fetish fashion and the owner of the Lost Legends stores. His work has been featured in various magazines, tv and film productions and features vivid colors, pristine looks and believable compositions. Marco loves rich lighting techniques and clear curves with glossy surfaces with a distinct eroticism.

Jan Klug-Offermann (47) is definitely an old hand at surreal and expressive photography in the german alternative scene and loves to work on a budget. When it comes to grungy looks and dirty skin, he is a jack of all trades on every set. His compositions feature trashy textures, dark tones and always have a distinct and morbid personal note.


The Murder Mile Studio in London is famous for its alternatively themed and fetish friendly film and foto sets and features various chambers with inspiring props and design for outstanding photo ideas.


Please note that we will require you to do your own styling and makeup, also you are very welcome to bring your own set of shooting clothes, accessoires and ideas to the set, in fact we even encourage you to do so. We are in contact with a couple of latex designers who have also expressed interest in providing couture. Please talk to us about your preferences and own ideas in advance. Please also let us know if you are willing to pose nude. The studio offers a dressing room and shower facilities. Please keep in mind that we’ll be working with a number of models and that there’s only so much space. We encourage everybody to contribute to a relaxed and uncomplicated atmosphere.


The studio is open from 11 am. to 7 pm. and we’ll give our best to cover as many shootings as we can during the day. To keep the waiting as minimal as possible, please let us know your preferred time frame. We’ll try and come up with a organizational plan that makes it easier for all of us.


Please note that all shootings will be done on tfp basis. Since we are covering the studio cost, we cannot cover any further expenses.


Marco is also shooting for his website which features photo sets in transparent pvc clothing up to full nudity on pink colorama paper. Shootings for are on a paid basis, please talk to Marco directly if you are interested.


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